Quick Start Manual



  1. Turn on the robot:

– press the green button on the wireless emergency button transmitter

– ensure the green LED is flashing on the emergency transmitter

– ensure the wired emergency button is not pressed

– ensure the brake release switch is switched off

– switch on the robot power switch

– let the software boot and initialize

– switch on the game pad by pressing the PS button in the middle of device


  1. Turn off the robot:

– switch off the robot power switch

– ensure the brake release switch is switched off




  1. Wired emergency button

If pressed:

– motor controller is disabled

– brake cannot be released by using brake release switch

– the robot is immobilized as long as the button is pressed


  1. Wireless emergency button

If inactive (no green LED flashing on the transmitter):

– motor controller is disabled

– the robot is immobilized

– brake can be released only by using brake release switch


– the transmitter automatically deactivates and turns off after leaved unattended for 30min

– press red button to manually deactivate and turn off the transmitter

– press green button to manually turn on and activate the transmitter

– transmitter range is max 30m in open air


  1. Brake release switch

If switched on:

– motor controller is disabled

And if wired emergency button is not pressed:

– brake is released allowing you to manually push the robot


– there is no need to turn on the robot to use the function




It is possible to read the battery voltage in software:

Download “Linux/MAC/BSD API” in the “Data sheets and downloads” section on the website http://www.cartft.com/catalog/il/1314